Marine Services

For 25 years, an unrivalled vessel owner and operator in the South Atlantic, providing trading and contracted patrol and logistic services to the UK Government, the UK Ministry of Defence and to Oil & Gas Operators. Vessels are operated in accordance with UK flag state requirements.

Using its regional and international contacts, Byron can source and provide chartered vessels for project or long-term work.

We offer:

Vessel Owners & Ship Managers

Byron started as ship operator more than 25 years ago and today still owns the Pharos SG a multi-purpose patrol vessel that Byron operates for the UK Government to patrol in the challenging environment around the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Byron is able to source, refit and operate vessels under time or long-term charter.

Pilotage Services

Byron provides pilotage services to the MoD, British Antarctic Survey and private sector for all of the Falklands Designated Harbours, piloting all types of vessels calling in the Falklands including cruise ships, tankers, container vessels, heavy lift, RoRo, British Antarctic Survey fishing vessels and Royal Navy & RFA Ships.
Marine Superintending

Byron provides cargo superintending for vessel loading and discharge operations including conventional and O&G specialist cargo.
Marine Survey

Byron can carry out vessel and cargo damage surveys, to record the extent of any damage and identify the cause and remedial works.
Vessel Agency

This includes all agency services including arranging: customs, port services, provisions, potable water, medical, transport & travel, repairs and spares, etc.
Sea Bed Coring

Byron has arranged seabed sampling for Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc in the challenging environment of the South Falklands Basin, to the south of the Falklands.
Benthic Surveying

Byron has carried out Bethnic Surveying in the North Falkland Basin for the oil and gas industry including Rockhopper Exploration PlC.
Vessel Charter Providers

Byron has excellent relationships with regional and international owners with relevant tonnage that can meet the requirements for cost effectively operating in the challenging South Atlantic environment.
Buoy Positioning & Maintenance

The placement and recovery of fixed and free floating buoys can be carried out, Byron having experience of working for the USA NOAA – Sub-Antarctic Met Ocean programme.