This is where we live and work. We are experts at efficient and cost effective logistics; making things work here. The Falklands is one of the most isolated locations on the world (and in terms of air travel access, it tops the world league).  This presents many challenges:

  • Very extended, infrequent, supply chain, typically with operational limitations on sea and air services

  • Micro local economy (population 3,000), at near full capacity.  There is a lack of readily available workers, support services and infrastructure;

  • Frequently hostile weather conditions;

  • Expensive logistics and operating costs

  • The Falklands is a “maritime” working environment, often simply the best and most reliable people to work in the Falklands, are Falkland Islanders;

  • Separate legal and statutory jurisdiction to the UK.

However, the Falklands is a “can-do” place where major projects can be properly and speedily executed, often without some of the inertia and slowing factors that occur elsewhere in the world.  In Byron’s view, if approached correctly, the Falklands is a good place to undertake a major project – as Byron has demonstrated repeatedly.


A locally owned and managed company, over 25 years Byron has organically grown into one of the larger companies in the Falklands.

Operating to international marine and O&G standards, Byron combines expertise with a deep practical knowledge of the Falkland Islands, its laws, procedures and capabilities – how to get things done cost effectively in the Falklands. Byron believes that the Falkland Islands becoming an oil producing region is vital to safe-guarding the islands Long Term Financial and Geo-Political future and that of Falkland Islanders.

If Byron can assist oil operators and associated service companies with any information or assistance please freely contact:

Lewis Clifton OBE

Managing Director
+500 22245

Captain Stephen Clifton

Operations Director
+500 22245

Julian Morris

Commercial Director
+44 (0)7955 099 747

Alison Baker


Natalie Smith

Office Manager

Captain Malcolm Jamieson

Marine Operations