Providing services in an in an economically, environmentally, safe and socially responsible manner is the most important priority for Byron. This encapsulates everything Byron does in terms of health, safety and environmental management, as well as how we interact with the Falklands community that we operate in. As we work and live in a very small, intimate community, this is even more relevant and of critical importance.


Byron is dedicated to safeguarding the health (including the mental health), and wellbeing of everyone engaged in the provision of our services. Our focus is on the prevention of risk to our employees, contractors and users of our services. Support for the identification of hazards that may affect health is provided by the Byron HSEQ team.


At Byron, safety is the number one priority and we never compromise on it. We have an excellent track record that we intend to keep it. To achieve this value, we have a Safety Management System:

  • Standards and procedures are written down, simple and widely shared and communicated
  • Personnel are trained and where appropriate certified, in procedures, equipment operation, and the application of the standards
  • Non-conformance to rules and procedures, is serious and has consequencesv
  • Quality and rigorous completion of work is highly valued
  • Work will only be started when:
    • Personnel are fully briefed on the method in which they will complete the work and what hazards they will face are identified and mitigating measures (controls) put into place.
    • sufficient resources are in place.
  • Conformance against standards is both self-monitored and verified
  • External checks and questions are welcomed
  • We empower our personnel to constantly monitor safety and ‘Stop the Job’ action is actively encouraged if any team member deem any activity to potentially be unsafe.
  • Managers and directors set the example and drive rigorous adherence


We always protect the environment, ensuring our activities are environmentally safe and sustainable. Operating in the unpolluted Falklands environment, this is particularly important as we wish to protect and enhance this for future generations. We do this by:

  • Assessing, understanding and managing our environmental risks and impacts, placing special emphasis on minimising major accident risks
  • Enabling and encouraging our employees to help us achieve our environmental goals
  • Reducing waste and using resources efficiently
  • Working with our suppliers and business partners to pursue responsible environmental practices
  • Complying with environmental legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements


The Byron quality system is certified to ISO 9001 and is working towards ISO 14001.

Social responsibility

We are committed to creating value through responsible performance, protecting the Falkland Islands environment and the community in which we operate.

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