For many years, Port Smyley provided the local settlements and farms in this part of the Falklands with a small port facility for the inter-islands shipping service. This traffic now goes by road to Stanley.

The Port Smyley concept is to provide the oil and gas industry with a dedicated port that takes advantage of the port’s sheltered conditions, natural deep-water and convenient location close to the Falkland’s North Basin.

Locating oil and gas operations apart from Stanley, means that Stanley with its very small size (population approx 2,500),

will not become dominated by industrial oil and gas operations and it will retain its existing character, for the benefit of Falkland Islanders and the growing number of visitors.

Port Smyley is located 60 miles (1 ¾ hours) from Stanley and is 55 miles (1 ¾ hours) from Mount Pleasant Airport, where all international flights arrive.

Employment at Port Smyley would be provided by bus and helicopter services linking Port Smyley to Stanley.

A new port, designed specifically for the needs of the oil and gas industry, would help ensure efficient operations and that UK North Sea health and safety standards would be met.

A phased development approach means that the facility can be constructed in a cost effective way, appropriate to the evolving requirements of Falklands’ oil and gas development.